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A reliable and efficient employee transportation system is no longer a perk, it has become a necessity. According to a white paper published on Springer Link, commuting to and from... Read More

TRAKOM – School Security Solution | Asti Infotech

"TRAKOM’s GPS/RFID-based tracking & monitoring module allows hassle-free management of your entire network of buses from a centralized dashboard. It ensures a safe commute for students, complete reassurance to parents,... Read More

The Benefits of School Bus Tracking Software » Asti Infotech Blogs

The daily grind of coordinating school buses is a never-ending problem, causing inefficiency and disorganization in planning the daily student commute.From traffic delays to driver absences, the challenges are endless,... Read More

What is Video Telematics, and How Is It Revolutionising Fleet Management?

In the not-so-distant past, fleet managers faced a challenging juggling act of overseeing multiple vehicles, dealing with unpredictable driver behaviors, accidents, and other incidents on the road, leading to various... Read More