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15 ton combined rice mill plant

The combined rice mill plant is a complete set of rice milling equipment. It composed of several single machines. It uses mechanical force generated by mechanical equipment to peel and... Read More

425carton box shredder machine

The carton box shredder is a device used to process waste cartons. After being cut by the machine, the waste cardboard can be turned into mesh paper or strips of... Read More

The charcoal briquettes production line mainly produces high-quality square and hexagonal briquettes on a large scale. All kinds of biomass materials, such as wood chips, branches, hemp stalks, coconut husks,... Read More

Wood Shredder Machine丨Sawdust Making Machine

There are five different models in the wood shredder machine series. Their output can range from 600kg-4000kg/h. So our machine can meet the needs of most users. And as for... Read More

Our Taizy has manufactured two types of silage cutting and baling machines. One is the 9YFQ-2.2 square straw strapping baler machine and another other is the ST-70*100 round pickup baler.... Read More