BIW welding fixture Manufacturers India

Innovation for import substitution and exports – ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT and putting India on the global map.
Vision – to be an innovation-driven product business with world-class products and services for global markets.

This vision, formulated by Dr. Avinash Kulkarni, our Chairman & Managing Director, have been the driving force in our journey in finding innovative ways to make import-substitute lamps for lighting and non-lighting applications in India for general lighting, entertainment, radiant heating, infrared and lasers since 1981.

Litex makes products for US, UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East markets besides having a significant presence in Indian markets in its product ranges.

Recipient of several National and local awards, Litex has pioneered the manufacturing of halogen lamps in India for industrial infrared, stage studio television, and laser pumping lamps.

Just as Litex illuminates the world with innovative lighting solutions Driven by the same spirit of innovation that has propelled Litex to create cutting-edge products since 1981.