Popular Agriculture Tools Name and Uses for Farming in India

Agriculture Tools-
Since the beginning of culture, farming practices have always included the use of agricultural tools. Farmers' approaches to agriculture have been transformed by modern technology, and the tools at their disposal have become more advanced and efficient. The use of agricultural tools can greatly help the farmer as they improve the efficiency and productivity of agricultural practices. These agricultural tools improve farming in India.
Machines and Agriculture equipment were developed to reduce human effort. It is obvious that all farmers want to increase their agricultural production by doing minimum work. Farming is complete with Agricultural tools. Tools used in agriculture that can significantly improve your life and speed up work on the farm. These agricultural implements are mainly used for fumigation, weed control, fertilization, general tillage, and elimination. The agriculture sector contributes more than 50% to the Indian economy and therefore, creating the best tools and machines for better progress is inevitable. Check out Khetigaadi.com for more information about Farming tools names, and tools used in agriculture.

Agriculture Tools Name and Uses for Farming
1. Axe – The axe is a multipurpose cutting agriculture tool. Axes are useful for a variety of basic and advanced agricultural tasks. An axe is used for cutting, this tool is useful for cutting big wood and other rigid materials. The cutting tool is particularly effective for chopping, splitting, and felling trees.
2. Shovel: A shovel is a tool that is used to lift, move, and excavate big things such as gravel, coal, soil, sand, and snow. It is a hand instrument with a large blade attached to the end that is used to remove and cut materials from the soil layer. Shovels are often used in agriculture, gardening, and construction.
3. Tractor- The tractor is the backbone of contemporary farming. It is a strong machine that can carry out numerous activities, such as tilling,