What is Pure Honey and its Characteristics

Pure honey is the natural sweetener the bees produce and has always been a favorite of many people. It contains a rich amount of nutrients, minerals, and other beneficial compounds and thus, has been used as a natural folk remedy since ancient times. It is a wonderful alternative to regular table sugar, which is just a source of unwanted calories.

Honey is classified into many types based on the source of flower nectar, flowering season, environmental conditions, and processing techniques. All honey, thus, comes with a distinct taste, aroma, and color. Daily consumption of honey helps boost physical health and is very advantageous for mental health.

Are There Any Risks of Consuming Pure Honey?
Although beneficial prebiotics and nutrients, pure honey can also contain harmful bacteria that are particularly dangerous for babies. Thus, it is suggested to never give honey to babies under one year of age as it can cause botulism in infants.

How to Store Pure Honey?
Honey doesn't expire effectively, yet it can become contaminated in specific conditions. Therefore, it is a must to store honey in an air-tight container away from light and extreme temperatures.

Sooner or later, natural honey might begin to crystallize. This is totally safe however it can make it look grainy and sweet. It can be returned to its original shape by warming it slightly to melt the crystals. However, ensure never to heat honey at a higher temperature as it can remove its natural properties causing it to become dark in color.